Custom Handmade Propane Wine Barrel Fire Pits

Making Patio Living More Elegant One Wine Barrel Fire Pit at a Time

We first started making propane wine barrel fire pits locally in San Diego, California in 2005 as a solution to the restrictions of outdoor wood fire pits. Working out of my garage I started selling to friends and family. Within a couple years we had become well known and grew throughout the Southern California area through simple word of mouth. As the company evolved we're proud to say that we've employed Veterans to help produce our handmade products here in San Diego.

We're lucky to be geographically near the wine capital of the world where we source all our amazing products of real reclaimed wine barrels. Originally we used granite and marble table tops that were also sourced from amazing local companies. With necessity being the mother of invention we soon began utilizing a durable customizable epoxy for our table surfaces. 

Whether you are a business, have a giant pool, or a small modest backyard, our wine barrel fire pits are a signature outdoor center piece, which provides an intimate setting while spending time with the people you love. 

We speak from personal experience when we say that some of our most memorable moments are hanging out with friends and family, sharing that bottle of wine, telling stories while the brilliant flames of our outdoor wine barrel fire pits cast shadows of our lives on the world around us. 

outdoor wine barrel fire pit

We set ourselves apart by allowing you to customize the wine barrel lid to your liking. We have a variety of stenciled graphics to go with your family name, simple messages or pretty much whatever branding you may imagine! At the end of checkout process add the note of what you have in mind or if you would like us to choose or leave it blank we can do that too!

With over a decade of experiences making custom propane outdoor wine barrel fire pits for backyards, weddings, anniversaries and businesses you can trust our unique product will deliver fond memories for the rest of your life.


David & The Wine Barrel Fire Pit Team


wine barrel fire pit